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The End User Frustration of Bad Design

Image of ticket payment machine

I'm not fond of lousy design and was shocked when I went to park my car the last time I was coaching at Haas.

There was a post with directions on how to use the machine, then more directions at the exit door. I had used this parking lot for years and was initially puzzled about why they had these signs.

I realized they had changed the system from entering the ticket into the machine to a scanner system that reads it. This required unlearning and relearning a new system.

Since the machines were not changed, they had to handwrite signs on the machines and even add a sign on a post, as many customers were confused.

I was, too, as the validation system had also changed (the machine did not give you the ticket back), and I did have to read the signs twice to figure this out.

Paying and getting out of a parking lot should be easy. Not considering users when designing systems or making changes creates unnecessary friction and frustration.

This is why good design requires different functions in a room and user testing.

What are examples of bad design in your everyday life?


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