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Are You Innovating In A Bubble?


When you innovate, you’re creating change and its human nature to resist change.

Working on an innovation project may have a broad impact both internally and externally beyond the end users: from other departments (such as legal, finance, marketing, manufacturing) to suppliers.

Innovation creates a ripple effect of change and if you only consider the impact on the end users you may be increasing risk and costs when you discover the impact later in the process.

As you begin the process of innovation, keep the perspective of stakeholders top of mind. The likelihood of their support will increase as you get their buy-in.

If their needs, wants and constraints are an afterthought, you may create obstacles and barriers and your project is less likely to succeed.

It's time consuming and expensive to make changes when decisions have been made, rather than integrating the stakeholders perspective upfront.

Not to mention you're more likely to get negative feedback when people feel that were not asked for their input rather than being a part of the team.

Beginning your innovation process with a 360 understand of your stake-holders and continuing to bring the stakeholders’ perspective and input throughout the process will help ensure your innovation is relevant and implementable.


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