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Speaking and Media

Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to innovation?

Look no further than Helene Cahen, the founder of Fire Up Innovation Consulting (previously Strategic Insights) and a leading authority on developing innovation and team collaboration in the workplace. As AI is transforming the ways we innovate, it is more important than ever to understand the process and thinking that drives successful innovation and collaboration. Helene is available to inspire and empower your organization through her captivating speaking engagements, insightful interviews, engaging podcast appearances and interactive workshops.

Helene Cahen brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her thought-provoking keynotes and presentations are designed to ignite new thinking and drive actionable change within your organization. Whether she's speaking at corporate meetings, conferences, or as a podcast guest, Helene's insights will leave a lasting impact on your team. Helene believes that the key to successful innovation is understanding how can build collaboration through a common process, tools, and language, while celebrating and leveraging the unique ways we approach challenges.

Recent Speaking

  • "The Power of Slowing Down" - The Creativity Expert Exchange: Buffalo State University - 2024

  • "Supporting and Sustaining High Performance Teams" - Innov8rs Learning Labs - 2024

  • Fearless Femme Summit - 2024

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From high performance team collaboration to user-centered design and innovation process, Helene's talks are always customized to the audience. As an improvisor, she knows how to uses humor, story-telling and to challenge the audience to make her talks engaging and memorable.  She creates a compelling case for deepening the understanding of the innovation thinking process as an enabler to successful outcomes.

Example of speaking engagements

  • Innovation in the time of AI
  • ​Unlock the power of team collaboration
  • How to partner with AI for faster innovation

  • AI or not: humans are still buying and doing-don’t forget your user!

Experiential Workshops

Helene doesn't stop at inspiring thoughts—she's all about driving action. Her workshop are interactive, customized, and experiential, ensuring that your teams gain practical tools and a fresh perspective on the innovation process.

Example of workshops

  • Creating High Performance Team Collaboration
  • Solving Challenges effectively with AI
  • Becoming a user-centered organization


Helene has been a guest on many podcasts and her practical yet funny style as well as her passion for innovation and change make it for engaging discussions with the host.

Example of topics for interviews

  • Creating an Innovation Team

  • The Role of AI in Innovation

  • Diversity on Innovation Teams

  • Collaborating with Virtual Teams

  • Are You Creative?

Previous Podcasts & Interviews

Contact us today to explore....or if you would like to interview Helene in your podcast.

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