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Five Tips for Accelerating Product Ideation & Innovation

Helene sitting at desk with a laptop, Fire Up Innovation book and iPhone

I have always been fascinated by solving problems creatively and offering better solutions. Key traits like listening, creativity, problem-solving, and passion have fueled my ability to innovate.

Recently, Authority Magazine interviewed me to discuss my story and background and offer suggestions on ways to step out of your comfort zone to ignite your creativity. We also addressed what makes a strong product and five tips for accelerating product ideation and innovation.

Here is a summary of the tips:

  1. Involve your users regularly and at all stages.

  2. Early prototype and testing.

  3. A diverse team.

  4. Shared process and tools.

  5. A supportive culture.

Check the article to go deeper into creating a culture of creativity, lead innovation and support innovation teams.


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