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I Was About To Publish My Book, Then AI Came Along

Helene Cahen holding her book Fire Up Innovation

Sometimes, we must look back to realize how far we've come.

Exactly one year ago, I thought my book "Fire Up Innovation: Sparking and Sustaining Innovation Teams" was ready to launch. I was eager to share my COVID project with the world! 

Fire Up Innovation: Sparking and Sustaining Innovation Teams inspires and guide readers through the dynamic world of innovation. It's a culmination of my thoughts, experiences, and insights based on over twenty years in the field and considers the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

As I was ready to hand in my final draft to my publisher, AI came along.

In April 2023, I attended the TED conference, and my eyes were opened. It shook me to my core.  

While I had heard about chat-GPT, I hadn't realized the implications for the world, particularly innovation.  

I heard from top experts and executives from leading AI companies that introducing chat-GP created a faster pace of change in humanity's story. Then, even the experts had yet to clear where we were going or the good and bad impact. 

Given that my book was about innovation, I could only publish the book by addressing or raising the possible implications of AI. So, I read all I could about AI for the next couple of months and returned to my manuscript. I had to think about the best approach. Since we are at a time of very few answers, I would focus on the broad questions raised by AI as they relate to innovative thinking and processes but will not get into specific tools, as they are evolving too quickly. I reviewed my manuscript and incorporated AI throughout the book when relevant. 

And now here we are, nearly six months after my book was published and I'm glad I incorporated how to use AI tools successfully on innovation projects. The principles highlighted in the book will help you understand the fundamentals of innovation and use it the right way to get to successful outcomes.


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