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New Innovation Guidebook Helps Develop Creative Solutions to Tough Challenges

Image of Fire Up Innovation book and headshot of Helene Cahen
PR Release: Fire Up Innovation: Helene Cahen’s New Book
Sparks and Sustains Innovative Teams

BERKELEY, Calif., Nov. 1, 2023 — Tackling today's innovation challenges demands a blend of creativity, innovation, and teamwork. However, even skilled teams often struggle with effective collaboration in high-stakes scenarios.

In Fire Up Innovation: Sparking and Sustaining Innovative Teams, noted innovation expert Helene Cahen introduces a proven game plan to ignite the innovation engines of diverse teams by looking beyond processes, and tools to provide easy-to-follow frameworks for improving the innovation process. The book addresses ways to drive innovation through today’s virtual and hybrid group environments, as well as the challenges and opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

According to Cahen, “In this book, I share my knowledge and experience about innovation in a way that reflects my beliefs that innovation is best learned through stories, tips, and by doing rather than simply reading. Fire Up Innovation is not a book to read but rather a guide to learn. It includes practices in each chapter, as well as colors and visuals to help you remember better and foster playfulness. This guide takes you on a journey to create change and to inspire and provide guidance to those navigating the dynamic world of innovation.”

Key highlights of Fire Up Innovation include:

· A formula for creating high-performance innovation teams.

● The crucial role of diversity in fostering Innovation.

● Strategies to minimize conflicts within group innovation processes.

● Insights into the impact of AI on the innovation landscape.

● A fresh perspective on nurturing individual creativity.

● Techniques for innovating in a virtual or hybrid world.

Early Praise for Fire Up Innovation

“Helene Cahen is among the best in the world at innovation. Her book gives you a practical framework & process for teams to collaborate successfully. A must-read for all COOs, CEOs, and leaders. This will change the way you do business. And businesses need to change.”

Cameron Herold , Founder, COO Alliance; Author, The Second In Command, and Vivid Vision®

“A must-have guide to navigate the uncertainties, frustrations, and challenges often associated with innovation. This book presents a pragmatic framework to foster innovation throughout an organization and to enable teams to achieve a more seamless collaboration.”

Peter Bregman, CEO, Bregman Partners; Best Selling Author of Leading with Emotional Courage and 18 Minutes

The risk of not changing is greater than the risk of changing. This is what Helene Cahen’s book Fire Up Innovation teaches us. In a concise and clear manner interspersed with practical exercises, this book lays out the core principles of innovation that will allow us to navigate and be more comfortable in our ever-changing world—whether as a team builder in a major corporation or as an ordinary citizen.”

Hélène Mialet, Professor Department of Science Technology Society; York University Canada; Author, Hawking Incorporated

“Moving away from grand theories, this book provides a systematic and pragmatic approach built upon proven tools. Each chapter can be revisited on its own right to unblock a team onto the path of innovation. And the clarity on when to use which technique will save time and frustration.”

Corinne Dive-Reclus, Global Head of Roche Digital Diagnostics; Advisory Board Member for Innosuisse; Mentor for the European Women Leadership Program

About the Author

Helene Cahen is a seasoned innovation consultant, expert, and speaker with over 20 years of experience. The founder and principal consultant of Fire Up Innovation Consulting, she is a sought-after speaker on design thinking and creativity, and has a background in creative problem-solving and design thinking. Cahen holds an M.S. in Creativity and Change Leadership from the Center for Applied Imagination at the State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo, and a business degree from Sciences-Po Paris.

About the Book

Fire Up Innovation is now available in both paperback and eBook editions at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Independent Bookstores. Learn more and download a free chapter.

About Fire Up Innovation Consulting

Fire Up Innovation Consulting (previously Strategic Insights) is a renowned innovation consultancy founded by Helene Cahen. With over two decades of experience, Cahen has been instrumental in helping organizations navigate innovation challenges, create innovative products, build effective teams, and instill a user-centered culture. Fire Up Innovation's mission is to empower individuals and groups to unlock their creative potential and find solutions to complex challenges.

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