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This Is Not A Book!

Image of Fire Up Innovation Book

What is unique about Fire Up Innovation is that it is not a book to read but rather a guide with practices, tips and tools. It has words of course but the book itself is highly visual and it is part of a system.

One of my goals is for the reader to have a chance to practice innovation rather than simply reading about it. By trying the practices in the guide by yourself and with others you have a chance to learn and the opportunity to reflect and get feedback.

The guide offers an interactive and experiential approach that mirrors my work as an innovation strategist, acknowledging that innovation is not something that can be learned by reading but requires doing.

And besides the book, we offer surprises for the readers who join the Readers Club.

The guide can be purchased everywhere books are available for sale in the US (including independent bookstores) and on amazon everywhere in the world.


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