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Do You Understand Your Problem-Solving Preferences?

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In my recent presentation with Innov8rs, I shared the importance of understanding your problem-solving preferences to work more effectively in teams.

Here's a snippet of the presentation:

I like to clarify. I love finding out as much as I can about a challenge and deeply understanding the problem before moving forward. Understanding that clarifying is one of my preferences (I also prefer ideating) allows me to better collaborate with someone who may be an implementer and who prefers to get things done.

I often use the Foursight® Thinking Profile instrument with the teams I work with so they can learn about their preferences when solving problems and mapping the team profile, highlighting the areas of high preferences and low preferences as a team. 

When a team discovers their Foursight® Thinking Profile, they often feel a surge of hope and optimism. Understanding the reasons behind tensions and miscommunication can lead to improved team dynamics, enhanced collaboration, and reduced conflicts. 

If you want to learn more about the Foursight® Thinking Profile, please respond below or message me. 

Are you aware of how you solve problems and how different they may be from others, be they your peers, boss, or people in your community or family?


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