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Are teams too focused on the outcome and not enough on the process?

A year and a half ago, I had the honor of being invited to talk by TEDx Seattle. In my talk, I shared the importance of seeing and embracing our differences and celebrating diversity in thinking. And AI is not changing the fundamentals. Actually researchers are discovering that people using AI is likely to make people feel lonely and drink more!

Team collaboration is more relevant than ever and we need to learn to transcend our preconceived notions and frustrations at each other, appreciate each other more and enjoy working together. Too often teams are overly focused on the outcome, the deadline and constraints, yet they put less or little emphasis on the journey together.

Imagine you and your friends are going to Portugal. All you discuss prior to the trip is about what you will do on the trip but spend little time talking about how to get there, how to decide on which hotels to stay, which activities to focus on, what time you wake up in the morning, where do you want to spend or save money on…My guess is that you may have been on these trips and they did created a lot of frustration and may be the end of a friendship.

Having a good understanding of how we think and a map of how to take the journey together may make the difference between frustration and inefficiency or an enjoyable collaboration and better outcomes. With or without the use of AI, we need an environment which brings the best in ourselves and others to be able to innovate.


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