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Unlocking Everyday Creativity: How a Roll of Duct Tape Saved My Road Trip

Underneath of car, fixed with duct tape

Are you creative? When I ask that question to the adults I coach, only half the audience raises their hand. Yet, we are all creative, solving problems in our lives daily.

I wanted to share my latest creativity story: as I was driving back from a week in Southern California, I passed a big truck and suddenly heard a sound on my car's left side. 

I stopped, and the tire was OK, but when I looked underneath the vehicle, the plastic part that protects the car was shredded, and some parts were touching the tire and the ground. 

Not wanting to get towed for 300 miles and spend a couple of days in 102-degree Bakersfield, I stopped at a gas station. I found a man walking out there and asked him if he knew about cars. 

He said yes, looked underneath my car, and reassured me that the hole in the metal piece was standard (I was worried I had pierced a critical part). I went into the gas station to see what I could find to help me and saw a roll of duct tape. 

I remembered watching an episode of MythBusters where they used duct tape for ropes and to build a boat and a bridge. 

So, I bought duck tape and used it to hold the shredded pieces, as you can see in the picture. It was not pretty, but I made it home, 300 miles away. 

My point is that we are all creative, and there is value in examining the ways we may be creative in our personal lives and feeling empowered to use these same thinking and practical skills in our work and communities. 

So next time you hear somebody or yourself think you need to be more creative, challenge them and trust your creativity!


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