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Bioneers Conference 2024: Discovering Innovative Solutions To Heal People and the Planet

Image of Bioneer's Conference Stage

Recently, I attended the Bioneers Conference, focuses on finding breakthrough solutions to restore people and the planet. Talks include science focus, climate change, social justice, indigenous approaches, and solutions. 

There was a lot of content, workshops, and breakout sessions to change from.

Here are three concepts that I found fascinating:

  1. The Right of Nature: This is the idea that ecosystems and natural communities have rights as humans do. Ecuador is the first country to have included this concept in its constitution. It is a shift from thinking humans can take nature for granted and damage it without consequences. It is slowly being considered in specific areas in the US (at the city level and used by indigenous sovereign tribes) both in the US and in the world by cities

  2. Discover the importance of the underground world of mycorrhizal fungi and map the biodiversity of the underground throughout the world. A new territory for sciences, the presentation by Merlin Sheldrake and his colleagues of what they describe as the "NASA of the underworld" and how important it may be to gain an understanding of the communication and connection of fungi underground to the sustainability of our planet "Understanding mycorrhizal fungi as dynamic, sensing, information-processing problem solvers can pave the way for a deeper understanding of these ancient life support systems that have survived for so long on this planet." - Merlin Sheldrake, Author of "Entangled Life"

  3. The importance of the indigenous population to biodiversity and conservation. While indigenous populations represent 6% of the world population, they occupy 25% of the world's surface and conserve 80% of its biodiversity. The Bioneers Conference had many indigenous speakers on their main stage as well as indigenous led forums and I learned so much listening to their effort to bring ancestral knowledge and wisdom to help make the world more sustainable. 


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