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Five Reasons To Consider an Innovation Coach

Banner with title 5 Reasons to Consider an Innovation Coach

I love the field of innovation and creativity. As an innovation strategist, I guide companies and teams to understand innovation, create innovative new products/services.

Through my work, I’ve noticed that people get excited about training programs and tools for creativity and innovation but in their regular routines, they often experience obstacles to maintain those skills and tools. 

These obstacles are:

  1. Time to practice

  2. Ingrained behaviors

  3. Cultural habits 

  4. Resistance to change

  5. “Weirdness” of doing things differently

  6. Lack of support from management and leers

An Innovation coach supports the team to reinforce learning and accompany the trainees over time and in context

Just like the athletes, musicians and executives who understand the need for coaching in order to be great at what they do, teams can also learn to “be great” at innovating with additional coaching.


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