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You need an innovation expert

Every organization wants to be innovative, but few people know how. 

Teams are rarely trained on how to collaborate on innovation projects. They often don't understand their own way of solving problems nor how to best leverage each team member’s unique problem solving skills.


Innovation and change are stressful because of the uncertainty of the outcome and the risk of failure. This may create tension in the team and miscommunication.


Having a common process, tools, and language around innovation, makes the process more efficient, more collaborative, and more likely to succeed.


Contact us to learn about how we can support your innovation.


Want to better understand innovation?

Our new book Fire Up Innovation provides you with practical answers.

This book is designed to be interactive and experiential and be a guide to support a journey of learning and practicing new thinking and risk taking.


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Thank you for your interest in exploring chapter one of my new book Fire Up Innovation. To view your sneak peek, please check your inbox (all folders) for a special email. Sincerely, Helene

Fire Up Innovation Consulting offers customized solutions

We believe teams know best about the content related to an innovation project. 

What they lack is the know-how about the thinking, process and tools to get to the outcome in an efficient and collaborative way.  So we focus on the “how” (to get to the outcome) so you can focus on the “what” (creating the outcome you want from innovation).

Please contact us to learn how we can support your innovation projects. 

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Fire Up Innovation Blog and Newsletter

  • How can my team/organization become more innovative?
    We create customized training programs to help organizations adopt processes, tools and thinking skills required to be more innovative and creative — often combining design thinking and creative problem solving. We also believe in experiential learning so both our training and facilitated sessions are an opportunity for the teams to learn by doing, so they can internalize the process and acquire tools needed.
  • How can we identify a breadth of ideas?
    We have process and tools to ensure that ideation (including brainstorming) are successful in not only identifying hundreds of ideas that address your challenge, but more importantly the best ones for refinement.
  • How can we create a clear vision for our organization?
    We offer visioning sessions to help the team create a common vision of your organization’s ideal state.
  • How can I work with you when my team is virtual or hybrid?
    All of our work can be done online and using virtual white boards for collaborative work on projects. We work with your tech team and our own producer to be sure technical challenges are worked through. While this requires intense preparation and communication, we have the knowledge to make this experience successful.
  • How can I help my virtual team collaborate better?
    Team dynamic: using the Foursight Assessment (link to page) we help individuals and teams become aware of their preferences for different part of innovation, which helps to explain challenges and frustrations in the team dynamic. Process: we design programs that create a common language, process and tools to make collaboration more efficient and easier.
  • How can we discover the most meaningful challenge(s) to tackle?
    We use different tools to help with this critical part of the innovation process which may include: Use of strategic reframing to consider the challenge from many different angles, ensure that the challenge is “need driven” and integrates the users’ perspective Discovery activities to help the team understand the trends that are impacting the challenge Discussion with the team about the need for key secondary research that may provide critical perspective on the challenge Training and helping the team define and execute necessary ethnographic research to better understand the needs and desires of all stakeholders
  • How can we ensure that our solutions have potential?
    We build into our process ways to get early feedback with users, giving the team a chance to quickly prototype and refine their solutions.
  • How can my team understand the needs of the users?
    We help the team learn about ethnographic research and train them so they can do observations, interviews and gain access to secondary research to better understand the needs and wants of both users and nonusers
  • How can we ensure that our training will have a lasting impact?
    We believe that one-time training does not work well and we offer programs over a three to six month period that may include training, facilitation and coaching so the team can get help when they need it and overtime.
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